Parallel Traces A new lens on Jewish Heritage Fri, 09 Apr 2021 11:45:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Parallel Traces 32 32 Parallel Traces in Tbilisi: an outstanding finale! Fri, 09 Apr 2021 10:35:30 +0000 The last Parallel Traces’ exhibition, from March 11 to April 11 organised in Tbilisi, Georgia at the Museum of Modern Art, with the great support of our local partner Israeli House, was a huge success!

The important photographic and audiovisual works presented at the event have been able to keep contributing to the awareness of the European Jewish heritage as an integral part of European history. As a result of transnational cultural and creative work, the leadership of the European Association for the Protection and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ) and guests from five European countries as well as representatives from four countries visited Tbilisi especially for this event.

At the opening on March 11 taking place at the im Museum of Contemporary Art, Sigrid Brettel, Head of Cooperation at EU Delegation in Georgia highlighted the importance of this innovative exhibition building bridges and connecting people from Georgia and all over the world.


The exhibition was realised with the fundamental support of Israeli House, one of Parallel Traces’ local partners, who promotes Jewish culture and heritage around Georgia. “One of the main activities of our organisations in Georgia is the promotion of cultural and historical values, […]. This is especially relevant in countries and cities with a long history, such as Georgia and Tbilisi, which are distinguished by multiculturalism, including samples of Jewish cultural heritage. It is a cultural code that is the key to a particular culture”, explained Itsik Moshe, Head of Israeli House. He also stressed the indispensable importance working actively with the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Culture and all the agencies that work to preserve and develop a unique cultural identity.

Elisso Bolkvadze, Member of Parliament of Georgia mentioned: “It is symbolic that this exhibition is hosted by Georgia, a country with a rich culture and cultural heritage, as well as a great Jewish cultural heritage.“ Bolkvadze also sheds light on Georgia as a “center of tourists’ attention from Israel and world Jewry”.


To sum it up in the words of Victor Sorenssen Project leader and Director of AEPJ: “Parallel Traces is a project that allows us, through the European Jewish heritage, to bring cultures, views, and celebrate our diversity, with a tool as revealing as audiovisual art”.

We were proud and happy to conclude our exhibitions tour with such a competent panel and engaged audience. And don’t forget that you have time until April 11th to visit! We are happy to welcome you !

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Parallel Traces’ last exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia! Tue, 02 Mar 2021 13:01:54 +0000 Parallel Traces is in its final sprint, and we are ready for an outstanding final exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia!

The opening event will take place on March 11th at the fascinating Museum of Modern art of the city, organised with the support of Israeli House, our local partner from Tbilisi.

In this occasion we will be joined by many of the project’s protagonists: the Project’s Artistic Director Rosa Juanco; our Guest Artists Agnieszka Traczewska (Poland) and Dina Oganova (Georgia); and Contest winners Ewa Rossano (Poland) and Tsotne Tsereteli (Georgia).

Our invitation goes not only to the vivid and active Jewish community of Tbilisi, but also to everyone interested in Jewish Heritage, to art and cultural heritage lovers and to people eager to know more about Jewish Heritage.

We will be happy to welcome you at the Museum of Modern art (Rustaveli Ave. 27, Tbilisi, Georgia) at 6pm (local time), join us and discover with us the traces of European Jewish Heritage!

Another year of Parallel Traces! Wed, 30 Dec 2020 15:26:06 +0000

What an exciting and challenging year for ParallelTraces! Ler’s dive together into the meanigful and beautiful moments of 2020.

We started the year traveling to Belgrade, Serbia, with a new ParallelTracesexhibition organised with the support ofourlocal partner Tačka komunikacije

We faced some challenging moments when exhibitions and  museums where not accessible, and we had to adapt and  innovate to keep bringing Jewish Heritage to all of you.

And that’s why we created the #MyParallelTraces campaign, inviting people all around Europe to share virtual   post cards of Jewish Heritage sites close to them.                                                                       

In November we finally launched a new exhibition, this time in Sighet, Romania, in collaboration with Tarbut Foundation. But that’s not all: the exhibition was accompanied by an innovative Online Opening Event, giving everybody the possibility of participating to a digital guided tour of the exhibition.

Finally in December we reunited virtually with some of the Parallel Traces’s protagonists creating a beautiful conversation on the creative journey of the project. The Live Event Parallel Traces – An Artistic Perpective gave us the chance to discover more o the artists’ point of view and discuss the project’s strengths and evolution

[LIVE EVENT] Parallel Traces – An Artistic Perspective – YouTube

We are very grateful for the support we received during this two years of the project and we look forward to an even better 2021!

Happy Holidays to everybody and see you soon in our next stop, Tbilisi!

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Thank you for joining the Parallel Traces Live Event! Fri, 04 Dec 2020 16:23:40 +0000

Thank you all for participating in our online event Parallel Traces- An Artistic Perspective, launched on December 1st on our YouTube channel!

This live discussion gave us a chance to go behind the scenes through the words and perspective of our Guest Artists, Coordinators, Artistic Director and Project Officer. The event provided a full vision of the Parallel Traces’ activities, especially in light of the impact of the current pandemic situation, showing how eventually this resulted in new stimuli for the project.

Our Artistic Director Rosa Juanco walked us through the genesis of the project and the propelling motivations behind it. As new technological and communication tools are so important and widespread in nowadays life, the fundamental idea was to provide a “new lens” with which to create a renewed look at Jewish Heritage, making the digital aspect the main ingredient of the project. She also highlighted her most impactful moment as Artistic Director, mentioning how artists who joined the contest were able to create and share beautiful and meaningful artworks.

The digital aspect of the project is its main strong point also according to our Project Officer, Olga Sismanindi: despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, the intrinsic audiovisual technology component of Parallel Traces allowed the project to deal with the “new normality”, and to successfully adapt to the evolving dynamics of the cultural and creative sector. Looking at future perspectives, it will be essential to continue on the path of digitization, being sure at the same time to maintain the human interaction aspect, in order to create sustainable solutions to diffuse culture and heritage.

We also had the amazing opportunity to discuss the perspective and artistic journey of two of our Guest Artists, Daniel Grünfeld and Nikola Radić Lucati. In the work of Daniel we can see and feel the relevance and presence of the time element, leaving on the images “a physical trace of what happened in those places”, creating “an actual connection” to the Jewish past. In Nikola’s photography work we find the importance of the historical memories and stories behind each place, creating a real connection between the past and the present. Quoting Danilo Kiš, Nikola remarked how we need to approach heritage as something that needs to be created every single day to ensure it will stay alive – and as AEPJ’s Director Victor Sorenssen said, “as a laboratory where we study the past to look for new experiences and meanings in the present”.

The pioneering aspect of Parallel Traces also emerges in its democratic perspective, bringing together jewish and non jewish points of view, and creating this way a common sense of heritage. As Olga Sismanindi highlighted, the powerful element of the project is the ability to create communities and connecting them, bringing a sense of belonging and of shared values and culture. Creating new channels of intercultural dialogue between different worlds plays a fundamental role in terms of promoting a better understanding and knowledge of the common european history, showing the richness of cultural diversity, added Victor Sorenssen.

So congratulations on the launched event and we hope that this project is only a beginning of a beautiful journey that awaits us!

If you didn’t have the chance to follow our online event live, don’t worry – you can watch it below:

[LIVE EVENT] Parallel Traces – An Artistic Perspective – YouTube

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Parallel Traces goes online! Mon, 30 Nov 2020 17:24:12 +0000

We are very happy to announce a new online event: a live conversation exploring the artistic perspective of Parallel Traces!

Join us on December 1st at 15.00 CET here on Youtube, to learn more about the project through the words of our Guest Artists, Artistic Director, but also Coordinators and Project Officer. We are going to reflect on the artists’ journey and perspective, their relationship with Jewish Heritage but also on the current pandemic impact. Don’t miss it!

Didn’t have the chance to follow our last online event? No worries, you can find it here! The Sighet Online Opening Event was launched on November 15th and already has over 400 views, so thank you all for your support. The video will guide you through the beautiful journey of the Sighet exhibition, bringing a renewed look and perspective on the significance of european Jewish history and it’s urbanistic architecture, taking in account it’s past, present and future. The online event combines the photographic and short film artworks made by our guest artists and the winners of the contest, and a special interview with two of the Parallel Traces guest artists, moderated by Project’s Artistic Director, Rosa Juanco.

“Photography sparks your imagination, in order to provoke conversation” Israel Ariño from Spain.
“All kinds of stories that people told me, made me connect to the places through stories, through talking to people, and I think that was the important part of being in Sighet” Daniel Grunfeld from Romania.

And if you are in Sighet, don’t forget to stop by Adela Pop Studio (Str. Independentei 37, Complex Flora) to visit the exhibition in person. Due to the current Covid-19 measures the physical exhibition will have a limited-access on reservation-only basis, but don’t hesitate on visiting such an amazing cultural and artistic project, we will be delighted to see you around! To book a visit: RSVP- Alina Marincean 0740904135 emaill:

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The Parallel Traces exhibitions are back! Thu, 29 Oct 2020 12:42:11 +0000 We are very excited to announce that Parallel Traces exhibitions and events are back, and we are getting ready to launch the next one soon!  

In November, the Parallel Traces exhibition will travel to Sighet, Romania. The experience has been updated of course, given our current limitations caused by the global pandemic. The physical exhibition will be limited-access, reservation only basis. However, there will be an all-access digital tour of the exhibition in the online launch event which will be held on November 15th. We hope you will join us! 

The online program will be joined among the others by Victor Sorenssen, Director of AEPJ and Parallel Traces coordinator, Peninah Zilberman, Tarbut Foundation Founder & CEO, and Rosa Juanco, Parallel Traces Artistic Director. The event will feature a guided tour of the exhibition with Alina Marincean, Exhibit Coordinator, Tarbut Foundation, and an interview with Guest Artists Daniel Grunfeld from Romania and Israel Ariño from Spain, that will engage in a virtual conversation about their artistic process.

To book a visit to the Sighet exhibition kindly RSVP by phone at 0740904135 (Alina Marincean) or by email at And don’t miss our online event on November 15th at 20.00 CET!

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An interview with Stefanie Thomas Fri, 28 Aug 2020 15:05:14 +0000 Stefanie Thomas, Head of Strategy and Projects at CUMEDIAE and one of Parallel Traces’ coordinators, had the chance to discuss the project in a recent interview on ArtDependence, an international magazine covering all spheres of art.

The article explores CUMEDIAE’s vision and currents projects, highlighting its role in supporting the cultural and creative industry – in particular during the challenging times that we are experiencing.

Parallel Traces discovers, rethinks and raises awareness about the European Jewish Heritage as an integral part of European history through innovative ways of interaction.”

An aim that has been followed through lots of activities: an open call for artists, a traveling exhibition, an immersive app and, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the online campaign #MyParallelTraces. This has given the possibility to discover and share glimpses of jewish heritage while waiting for the project’s next activities.

Curious about what’s been discussed in the article? Read it here!

Parallel Traces extended to 2021! Thu, 20 Aug 2020 13:20:20 +0000 We are thrilled to announce that Parallel Traces has been extended until the beginning of 2021!

In the last few months the world faced an unprecedented emergency that impacted everybody’s life and plans. Parallel Traces wasn’t immune to this, but that didn’t stop us! This moment created an interesting occasion to rethink our activities and create new ways to promote Jewish Heritage all around Europe. In April we launched the #MyParallelTraces campaign, collecting dozens of beautiful pictures and reflections capturing the essence of our project. We were very happy to see such an active and engaged community, sharing personal insights and contributing to a new outlook on the Jewish urban landscape.

Our journey is still on, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next! Stay with us to keep exploring the world of our artists, travel around our partner cities, discover new fantastic exhibitions and as always, rediscover traces of Jewish Heritage around Europe. We have a lot in store for you!

Una nova mirada al patrimoni jueu: a conversation with Victor and Rosa Wed, 22 Jul 2020 15:28:36 +0000 Victor Sorenssen, Parallel Traces project manager, and Rosa Juanco, artistic director, resume the story and the contents of our project in a brief talk.

Jewish Culture has a long, millennial history: as Rosa and Victor explain, the purpose of the project is to promote this heritage directly to the local community, in order to strenghten the connections with the story and the values of these sites. Rosa gives also an insight on our past exhibitions and on the  artworks created by the guest artists. She explains their creative process and the relation with their cities.

Curious? Check the video and our online gallery to have a virtual experience of the exhibitions. If you’re close to Girona, you still have the opportunity to see the exhibition at the Museum of Jewish History of Girona until December!

#MyParallelTraces, today and tomorrow Fri, 17 Jul 2020 15:40:17 +0000 It’s been three months since we launched #MyParallelTraces and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you all for having enlightened these difficult times with your precious pieces of history.

Even with the temporary suspension of the exhibitions, we have had the opportunity to remember and get to know places, moments and stories thanks to your participation. Since April, when we launched #MyParallelTraces campaign, we have received dozens of your digital postcards, each with a picture of Jewish Heritage and a story or a personal reflection.

Atskuri (Georgia), Jewish cemetery.

You gave us the opportunity to see neighborhoods and synagogues, houses and ancient cemeteries: all traces of a vast heritage, tangible and intangible, spread through the whole Europe, from Barcelona to Vittorio Veneto, from Wrocław to Kotor.

Every place has a different story to tell: some postcards mention grandparents and other relatives, others quote poetry or religious texts, others yet are strictly related to the historical context, from old traditions to dramatic events.

Barcelona, Sant Felip Neri Square.


Thanks to you #MyParallelTraces has become a big collective gallery that we would love to see further grow: check the pictures and keep sending your postcards here!